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    This page will guide you to various features and concepts on Rune. If you have a question that isn't covered on this page, ask a staff member in-game or on Rune's Discord server.

    Getting started

    Welcome! Rune is a town-building server set on planet Earth.

    On Rune, your buildings and bases are protected by creating a town and claiming the land you construct in.

    To view how to make a town, go to the section "Town system". Once ingame, you can type /help to view info.

    Town system

    To make a town, type /town create your_town_name_here. You must have at least $250, and your town name must match the location you are making it in!

    Invite your friends to your town with /town invite your_friends_name_here

    Claim land for your town with /town claim. Claiming costs money, and after 8 plots owned, the price becomes exponential!

    To make claims, you will need money in your town bank. Type /town deposit money_amount_here to deposit the specified amount of money into your town's bank.

    To view all towny help, type /t ?


    To begin brewing, you need to place a lit fire below a cauldron filled with water.

    Cauldron Setup

    Place ingredients in the cauldron by right clicking the cauldron while holding the item. Depending on what you insert will change the brew.

    Right click on the cauldron while holding a clock to view how long it has been boiling for.

    Cauldron Setup

    Once the brew you are making has boiled for enough time, right click while holding empty bottles to receive the first part of your brew.

    Potion View

    Some brews need to be distilled before they are aged. To distill, place a brewing stand. Inside, place glowstone dust at the top with your temporary brew bottles in the bottom slots.

    Potion View

    After distilling or boiling, your brew needs to age to gain quality. Brews age when being placed in barrels.

    Put your brews inside the barrel and wait for them to age.

    Barrel Guide

    Extra enchantments

    This section is in progress.

    Other features

    This section is in progress.

    Report a Player

    Report Form (click)

    You can report a player for an in-game offense or Discord server offense.

    Appeal a Punishment

    Appeal Form (click)

    You can appeal a punishment for an in-game offense or Discord server offense.

    Commands List

    /map link to the online map

    /store link to the online store

    /discord link to the discord server

    /wiki link to the wiki

    /spawn teleport to spawn (four hour cooldown)

    /t spawn teleport to your town spawn

    /t toggle mobs toggle mobs in your town

    /t toggle pvp toggle pvp in your town